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Hiding: 春先取りの Alber Lee セール品

Hiding: Alber Lee


Hiding: Alber Lee


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"span"British guitarist ALBERT LEE has been delighting music fanatics with his virtuoso playing and astonishing technique for more than 30years. Having backed the likes of Joe Cocker, Emmylou Harris, Eric Clapton and the Everly Brothers, his reputation as a sideman par excellence is beyond reproach. He continues to tour with his own band Hogan's Heroes as well as Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings.With the intention of focusing on his lesser-known solo career, Raven has brought together two fine Lee albums on the one CD for the first time. Produced by Brian Ahern, his 1979 debut, Hiding, showcases his consummate country/rockabilly picking styles, while 1982's Albert Lee (produced by Rodney Crowell) displays a more rock-oriented edge. With instrumental and vocal backing provided by Emmylou Harris, Emory Gordy, Hank Devito, Buddy Emmons, Vince Gill, Billy Payne and others, these dynamic and playful recordings are essential listening for guitar and country/roots music aficionados alike. Raven. 2004.

Hiding: Alber Lee


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